The Virtual Light Company History

The Virtual Light Company started in the early 1990s as a vehicle for Justin Couch to effectively get on the internet with a formal presence. In the early days of the internet in Australia, getting a domain name and IP address space required you have a registered business. VLC is part of that.

Getting online in around 1994 with firstly a large 128K ISDN connection to a local ISP (that I provided much technical support to) I registered and gained access to this domain name as well as my own class C address space. Both have maintained a continuous presence ever since despite several relocations around the world (didn't that play fun with GEO-IP!).

Where did the Name Come From?

As a passionate reader, particularly of all things Sci-Fi, and my early interest in Virtual Reality, I spent a lot of time with William Gibson books. After the Neuromancer series, he wrote a book named Virtual Light. This and my extensive work in VRML, lead to me chosing the name based on the book title and love of virtual reality.