The aircraft first arrived in Australia as a wreck, which was rebuilt in Tocumwal. After getting back in the air, it flew there for many years until eventually being sold to a private owner in Western Australia. There it remained for many more years, eventually undergoing a refinish (as do all old gliders that have gelcoat and end up in Australia - the sun is harsh here!).

I've purchased the glider in a syndicate with a fellow Southern Cross pilot. We also have a T-Hangar at Camden, making it simple to just show up, give it a wipe down and then go fly. No rigging required! The T-Hangar itself is a bit of a story. It hadn't been used in about 3 years, so when we opened it up, it was basically a wall of cobwebs. It took several full days just to clean it out.

The glider is a delight to fly - it has been almost 20 years since I last flew a flapped ship. Getting used to that extra handle in the cockpit has taken a bit of effort. One forgets how lazy you can be in a standard-class ship!