Music For Entertainment


Tastes vary widely, but anywhere from DnB to heavy classical. Most of the time on the dance side of equation.

A close inspection of my CD collection (over 500 CDs and growing!) will reveal that the most popular labels are from Dancepool (Oz) and React (UK) and Global Underground (UK). In general US dance music is pretty crappy - way too poppy. I don't know why, but we only really see good stuff from local, UK or Europe in the clubs, unless of course it is pop-dance type stuff, which nobody seems to know how to dance to anyway around here.


Yes, dance. As in, I used to dance - a lot. Trilogy Dancers in Perth and assistance instructor at one of the local Street Latin schools for several years. Still enjoy club dancing a lot, though young kids and family have stopped most of that now.

Huh? Yup, that's right, For a while, at the insistence of my then roommate, I took some classes in street latin dancing. An interesting form of dance that-requires lots of hip movement. No, its not the lambada, but it does similar stuff. Less flashy, more fun. After probably 12 months, I'd ended up being serious enough that I became one of the assistant instructors, helping teach the newcomers classes, along with my dance partner at the time. I continued that for another 12 months or so until I left Perth.